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*Shield Processing Machines

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Handling shielded cable automatically within our processes is one of the challenges of our development team. We have successfully solved this task with the shield brushing machine BSB 1005, the shield twisting machine BSV 1003 and the shield milling machine BSF 1004.
The machine time compared to manual production has been reduced by half. And even better – we have produced high-quality process capable results. With the BSV 1003 we are able to apply contacts with crimp strength control on twisted shield wires.
The shield milling machine BSF 1004 safely strips the shield from the wires without damaging them.

data sheets to download:

  • braid cutter BSF 1004

  • braid brushing BSB 1005 A/B

  • braid twister long BSV 1006

  • wire twister BAV 1016

  • braid brushing BSB 1017

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