Quality and Environment

Quality Management

Quality management is the sum of all measure to assure constant product quality.
Well qualified employees manufacture the products for our customers with modern processing machines considering the latest technologies.
Our employees document and supervise the quality of all products – from goods received to shipping – with modern CAQ, PPS and BDE systems.
Complying with binding norms and quality standards according to DIN‚ VDE, UL/CSA or MIL guaranteed by mechanical and electrical testing methods.

Examples of Quality Management at BÖWE:

Electrical Testing Methods:
  • Pass tests with up to 1024 measuring points
  • High-voltage tests up to 2.2 KV
  • Insulation tests
  • Contact fitting tests
  • Contact pulling strength tests
  • Colour recognition by sensors
Crimping Tests:
  • Crimping strength and height tests
  • Tensile strength tests
  • Grinding surface pattern check at the cut image lab
X-Ray Tests:
  • Destruction-free inspection of the mould part
  • Temperature calibration of soldering irons
  • Analysis of tin baths
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