BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH

Straße der Einheit 1
D-07586 Kraftsdorf
Fon:+49 / (0)3 66 06 830-0
Fax:+49 / (0)3 66 06 830-10

Cable Feeding Systems

Cable feeding systems from BÖWE are characterized by functionality, speed of changeover and easy operability.
The cable feeder has been constructed and built-up to handle a wide range of cables and reels with various diameters and weights. The system allows the feeding of the product to be unwound via euro pallet or other pallets.
  • BÖWE BKS 1002

  • BÖWE BKS 1008

  • BÖWE BKS 1009

  • BÖWE BKS 1012

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