BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH

Straße der Einheit 1
D-07586 Kraftsdorf
Fon:+49 / (0)3 66 06 830-0
Fax:+49 / (0)3 66 06 830-10

*Development / Construction

We implement development and constructions for the following fields:
  • Cable assembly
  • Plastic injection moulds
  • Electro-mechanical components and modules
  • Construction of switch boards and control units
  • Construction of test equipment
  • Construction of machines and appartuses for cable processing
By request we also deliver parts lists and technical drawings.
Our main focus is the implementation of projects close to the production process – with the aim of a balanced construction and production technology.
Our experienced development team designs and constructs customer-specific samples and prototypes with the help of modern CAD workstations as preparation for batch production.
The employees from our tools and apparatus construction complement and support the development tasks with their knowhow.
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